Swimming Tips For Beginners

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Swimming really is a great workout.  Quite possibly one of the best out there, because it works out your entire body.  But for new swimmers, the idea of getting into this sport can be a bit overwhelming.  It can sometimes be easy for somebody like me, who has been doing swimming work for most of his life, to remember that not too many people are experienced swimmers.  But we all start out as beginners.  I recently came across an article that shared some great swimming tips for beginners, and thought that I’d share them with you, dear reader.


  • Keep on your goggles: You should learn to keep on your swim goggles for at least an hour without taking them off.  A typical swimming workout includes a warm-up, a main set, followed by kick or pull and finally ending with a warm-down.  After each of these sets, swimmers tend to put their goggles on their forehead and reset their goggles on the next set.  However, a long-distance race doesn’t allow for this luxury.  One tip could be to squint our eyes to allow a small amount of water to seep in, which will slosh around your goggle lenses to keep them free of fog.
  • Practice sighting: So that you can increase your ability to sight in an open water race or triathlon, you should practice sighting in the pool.  On every fourth lap, throw in a few sightings while you swim across the pool.  Look up two to three times and try to keep a streamlined position by not dropping your hips and legs.  Try to look up in one smooth motion within your arm cycle.  If you’re looking for feedback, have a coach or lane mates check out your technique for you.
  • Pull straight back: While your hands are entering the water, your fingertips should immediately start to point straight down.  Focus on pulling straight back as you roll your shoulder or take a breath.  Your hands shouldn’t cross over your center line at any point in the stroke.
  • Invest in some fins: If you have a cross-over kick, you should buy a pair of fins and focus on kicking efficiently without crossing one foot over the other.  These fins will also help you increase your ankle’s flexibility.
  • Purchase a swimmer’s snorkel: While practicing with a swimmer’s snorkel, you can concentrate on your arm stroke and body rotation more easily.  Competitive swimmers use this type of equipment all the time, and so should you.

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