Being a Motivational Coach

Tod Proa CoachingUnderstanding motivation is an important aspect when it comes to being a great coach, regardless of the sport. Motivation is the desire, a type of fire that gives athletes that extra “umph” in regards to performance, perseverance, persistence, and drive. Motivation is the dominant force being an athlete’s strength and character, thus it is vital that you – as a coach – give your players motivation to succeed and strive to do their best.

The coach’s main role when it comes to motivation is to provide the athlete with an opportunity to show how passionate they are towards their sport. Through support and encouragement, coaches enable athletes to unleash their desire to succeed and overcome obstacles throughout their time playing whichever sport it may be that they want to excel at. It is the coach’s job to help the athlete discover their motivation.

In order to be successful at coaching, determining ways to help athletes find their motivation is one of the most important things a coach can do. It may seem seemingly simplistic, but it in fact isn’t. Most athletes need an extra push and help finding that motivation. Being an athlete is tiresome and it is easy to lose passion for a sport when your body is worn out. That’s where good coaching comes in. Providing athletes with inspiration and encouragement can help them find the motivation they once had when they began playing their sport.

And how can a coach help athletes find their motivation? Mainly by watching, listening, and observing them. Each athlete is different, and therefore each athlete has their own source of motivation. Being a motivational coach means that you really know your players – on and off the field. Having team dinners and other team building events are great ways to learn more about who your athletes really are so you can help them find their motivation when they need it most.


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