Todd Proa Coaching


A natural-born leader and motivator, Todd Proa has made a career of working with others as a coach for sports like soccer and swimming.  Like any good teacher, Todd is passionate about learning, which has made him such a successful coach over the years.  He is always looking to improve his craft and increase his knowledge, a tendency that he tries to impart on the youths he coaches. In addition to his passion for learning, Todd has stellar communication skills and an ability to unite people.  He understands that motivation is based on goals and encourages those he coaches and trains to set out attainable and measurable goals.  He is passionate about helping people reach their potential as athletes, players and people.  Yet while he loves every part of being a coach, one of Todd’s favorite parts of his career is the chance to be involved with the community.  As a coach and sports management professional, he seeks to forge lasting relationships in the communities in which he works.



In terms of specific coaching experience, Todd has spent much of his career as a swimming coach, while also carrying out other duties.  He began his career coaching swimming in 1992 after graduating from Cleveland State University with a Bachelor of Arts and Science and a major in History.  His first swim coaching position was with the Warrensville Heights Park and Recreations Department.  He was the head swim coach as well and manager of the lifeguards on staff.  He also gained valauble coaching experience by getting the opportunity to work with both adults and youths.

He then moved on to become the North Central Florida YMCA Aquatics Director where he continued to hone his coaching skills, once again holding the position of head swim coach.  He continued his coaching career with the YMCA when he transferred to the Sarasota YMCA, keeping his same position.  During his time at the YMCA, was also involved with the Amateur Athletic Union.  He became the National Aquatic Chairman and was in charge of overseeing operations for more aquatic sports, which included swimming, diving, water polo, and synchronized swimming.

Todd has also worked as a youth soccer coach and is a proud member of the National Soccer Coaches of America Association.

In addition to his coaching experience, Todd also holds several certifications.  He is a certified CPR Instructor (ARC), a certified Lifeguard (ARC), and a certified First Aid Instructor (ARC).  He also holds certifications as a First Responder and an Athletic Trainer.

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